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Zhangmu Town in China, located in the southern piedmont of the median Himalayas, owns a few hotels in the area. Zhangmu, as the last Chinese town you'll see before hitting Nepal, is 7,000 feet above sea level and about 776 km away from the capital of Tibet Lhasa, Zhangmu Town is a most welcome sight both for travelers and traders alike, thus hotels and accommodations in Zhangmu develop in leaps and bounds. Modern hotel facilities in Zhangmu are available nowadays. If you want to have a different resort, embraced by wondrous mountains, flexural rivers, lush pines and flourishing flowers, why not choose Zhangmu? We have provided the list of hotels and accommodations in Zhangmu. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you plan to accommodate in Zhangmu. We will provide the professional advice, rating, discount and other useful information.

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  • Zhangmu Hotel
  • Code: CH1868
  • From: $30
  • Hotel Details - The Zhangmu hotel is located near the customs post at the lower end of the town. It offers room service, laundry, front desk, town infor...

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