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Lhasa Hotels we listed below are our recommendations. Lhasa, as the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region of P.R.C,China, and also an important center for Tibetan politics, economy, culture, and religion. Lhasa is rightly one of the most featured and dreamt-about cities in China.Following are budget 3 star Lhasa Hotels to luxurious 5 star Lhasa Hotels, we provide a brief summary, discounted rates and reviews for Lhasa Hotels and accommodation,and also offer an array of services to suit you of every budget. If you're interested in booking any of Lhasa Hotels, feel free to contact us or make a reservation online, we'll help with the booking.

Lhasa Hotels 5 Star
  • Brahmaputra Grand Hotel
  • Code: CH821
  • From: $95
  • Hotel Details - Situated in Wenjiang District, right near the scenic Lhasa riverside and Gong Ba Ri Mammon Mountain, the Brahmaputra Grand Hotel, a chai...
Lhasa Hotels 4 Star
  • Lhasa Hotel
  • Code: CH831
  • From: $85
  • Hotel Details - A 4-star hotel, the Lhasa Hotel is located in the Holy Land of Lhasa with an altitude of 3,600 meters. It occupies 7-floors and was rece...
  • Hong Feng Hotel
  • Code: CH832
  • From: $50
  • Hotel Details - La Sa Hong Feng Hotel is a sub-four star hotel with a mixture of Han Nationality and Tibetan Culture. It is located in the center of Lha...
  • Century Grand Hotel
  • Code: CH833
  • From: $50
  • Hotel Details - Situated at the intersection between South De Ji Road and Jiang Su Road, the Century Grand Hotel is close to the scenic Lhasa River and ...
Lhasa Hotels 3 Star
  • Hong Shan Hotel
  • Code: CH851
  • From: $40
  • Hotel Details - Renovated by the Tibetan Broadcasting Station according to three-star standards, the Tibet Hongshan Hotel is conveniently situated in th...
  • Minzheng Fuli Hotel
  • Code: CH852
  • From: $45
  • Hotel Details - The Minzheng Fuli Hotel is a three-star hotel located in the downtown area, right next to the Lama Temple. Boosting a elegant environme...
  • Lhasa Century Hotel
  • Code: CH853
  • From: $50
  • Hotel Details - Situated on Middle Beijing Road, in close proximity to Zhe Bang Temple, the largest temple in Lhasa, and Potala Palace, the Lhasa Centur...

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