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Here is the information about the hotels in Xi'an - the definitive guide to Xi'an Hotels. From budget 3 star Xi'an hotels to luxurious 5 star Xi'an hotels, we provide the brief introduction of their facilities, locations, availabilities as well as discounted rates. Xi'an, the home to the leaders of numerous Chinese dynasties and the capital of China for centuries, is a popular destionation for vacationers from home and abroad. Hotels in Xi'an are always decorated in ancient style but with modern standards and service. Our choices of hotels in Xi'an with competitive rates can suit every budget. The online booking and reservation service for Xi'an hotels is convenient and safe to save your time, energy and money.

Xian Hotels 5 Star
  • King Dynasty Hotel
  • Code: CH1591
  • From: $75
  • Hotel Details - The Dynasty Hotel , with its ancient Chinese palatial style architecture, is attractively located alongside the west Xian city wall. It ...
  • Jinshi International Hotel
  • Code: CH1592
  • From: $75
  • Hotel Details - Jinshi International Hotel is a newly opened 5-star hotel, located in the golden district of Nan'er huan Road of Xi'an, the most ancient...
  • ANA Grand Castle Hotel
  • Code: CH1593
  • From: $75
  • Hotel Details - The ANA Grand Castle Hotel located at the heart of Xian is a deluxe 5-star hotel located in front of the famed South Gate of the Ming Dy...
  • Sheraton Xian Hotel
  • Code: CH1594
  • From: $85
  • Hotel Details - The Sheraton Hotel is near the Xian West Wall, and just a few minutes from the center of the city. All major scenic spots and attraction...
Xian Hotels 4 Star
  • Xian Empress Hotel
  • Code: CH1606
  • From: $65
  • Hotel Details - Empress hotel in Xian situate the Xingqing road and the Huzhu road's golden crossing, the close neighbors Tang Dynasty Royal Mansion Xin...
  • Purple Mountain Hotel
  • Code: CH1607
  • From: $65
  • Hotel Details - Xi'an, one of the six ancient cities in China, boasts it's long history and rich culture. The Purple Mountain Hotel, located at the star...
  • Orient Hotel Xian
  • Code: CH1608
  • From: $65
  • Hotel Details - The Orient Hotel (Dongfang dajiudian) which is a 4-star hotel soars high above the center of this ancient city and is a distinguished an...
  • Diamond International Hotel
  • Code: 1609
  • From: $55
  • Hotel Details - Xian Diamond International Hotel is a 4-star member hotel of World Travelers Network. It is easy access to the famous shopping and enter...
Xian Hotels 3 Star
  • Taiwan Grand Hotel
  • Code: CH1625
  • From: $55
  • Hotel Details - Taiwan Grand Hotel is within Yuxiangmen, Xi'an city, near to the city center but in a quiet area of this bustling city. The hotel is nea...
  • Silkroad Hotel Xian
  • Code: CH1626
  • From: $55
  • Hotel Details - Located in downtown Xian, the Silkroad Hotel Xian is the premier address for both business and leisure travelers. The shopping center l...
  • Xian City Hotel
  • Code: CH1627
  • From: $50
  • Hotel Details - The Xian City Hotel is located right in the heart of Xian, only a stones throw away from the famous Bell Tower. The City Hotel is a mode...
  • Xian New Henderson Hotel
  • Code: CH1628
  • From: $55
  • Hotel Details - Xian New Henderson Hotel locates at city good site, between the bell tower of the downtown just cost 10 minutes car distance, between th...

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