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Huangshan City, situated in the south of Anhui Province, boasts a great number of hotels and accommodations ranging from the budgets 3 star hotels to luxurious 5 star hotels in local area.  As an amazing resort, well-known for its Mt. Huangshan, Huangshan city can accommodate a large number of visitors at home and abroad every day. Welcome to have a view of the list of the hotels and accommodations in Huangshan city on our website as below. We've provided rating, discount information and other useful information ranging from affordable hotels to top-grade hotels in Huangshan. If you want to experience the wonderful stay in Huangshan, please contact us, we will help with the bookings and reservation.

Huangshan Hotels 5 Star
  • Huangshan Golf Hotel
  • Code: CH631
  • From: $85
  • Hotel Details - The Huangshan Golf Hotel is a brand new 5-star hotel, located just 2 km east of Huangshan Airport. Truly grand and luxurious, the hotel...
Huangshan Hotels 4 Star
  • Huangshan Beihai Hotel
  • Code: CH641
  • From: $120
  • Hotel Details - The Beihai Hotel is a 4-star hotel located near the Eastern Steps. This is the best hotel for those who wish to catch the sunset or sunr...
  • Huangshan Guomai Hotel
  • Code: CH642
  • From: $65
  • Hotel Details - The Huangshan Guomai Hotel is a internationally recognized four star hotel located in downtown Huangshan. Covering a total area of twen...
  • Huangshan Xihai Hotel
  • Code: CH643
  • From: $125
  • Hotel Details - The Xihai Hotel is a new 4-star hotel located in the Xihai (West Sea) Scenic Spot. The only joint-venture hotel in Xihai, the West Sea H...
Huangshan Hotels 3 Star
  • Oriental Business Hotel
  • Code: CH651
  • From: $40
  • Hotel Details - Located near the City Government in Huangshan and within walking distance of Old Street, Oriental Business Hotel's convenient location a...

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