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Jiuzhaigou hotels are surrounded by beautiful sceneries, and proving a peaceful and relaxing enviroment.Jiuzhaigou was declared a world natural heritage site in China by UNESCO. Jiuzhaigou is famous of lakes and waterfalls with stunning beauty in China. Following are budget 3 star Jiuzhaigou Hotels to luxurious 5 star Jiuzhaigou Hotels, we provide a brief summary, discounted rates and reviews for Jiuzhaigou Hotels and accommodation,and also offers an array of services to suit you of every budget. If you're interested in booking any of Jiuzhaigou Hotels, feel free to contact us or make a reservation online, we'll help with the booking.

Jiuzhaigou Hotels 5 Star
  • Sheraton International Hotel
  • Code: CH1931
  • From: $130
  • Hotel Details - Just 17 kilometers away from the International Airport and 7 kilometers away from the railway station, Sheraton International Hotel is t...
Jiuzhaigou Hotels 4 Star
  • Xingyu International Hotel
  • Code: CH1941
  • From: $70
  • Hotel Details - Spanning an area of 23 acres, the Xingyu International Hotel is quite an awe inspiring building that combines modern facilities with exc...
Jiuzhaigou Hotels 3 Star
  • New Jiuzhaigou Hotel
  • Code: Ch1951
  • From: $50
  • Hotel Details - Situated in "fairyland," a renowned scenic spot in Jiuzhaigou, the New Jiuzhaigou Hotel covers an area of 4 acres with a floor space of ...

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