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Yutian, also known as Keriya, owns a few hotels and accommodations in local area. With the brilliant history of more than 2000 years, Yutian is situated in the Keriya River oasis along the southern rim of Taklamakan Desert and north of Mt. Kunlun in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Northwest China, famous for its natural resources. As one of the most important counties along the ancient Silk Road, Yutian used to be an economic and cultural hub for trading and the exchanges between ancient China and its neighborhoods. With the rapid development in local area, hotels and accommodations with different levels in Yutian has increased in leaps and bounds. We kindly provide the useful information about the hotels and accommodations in Yutian with their introduction, ratings and discount information. If you plan to stay in Yutian for vacation, welcome to contact us, and we will help with bookings and reservation.

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  • Yutian Hotel
  • Code: CH1788
  • From: $30
  • Hotel Details - It is one of the best hotels in this area. It offers room service, laundry, front dest, town information and so on.

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