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Xiamen, better known to foreigners by its Fujian name of Amoy, owns a great deal of hotels and accommodations ranging from budget 3 star hotels to luxurious 5 star hotels. Xiamen is the second largest city in Fujian province, adjacent to the capital Fuzhou. Xiamen is one of the five earliest special economic zones in China. Apart from its famous industrial powerhouse, Xiamen is also a beautiful and clean coastal city with the spring-like weather in all four seasons which has attracted many foreign visitors to come there. Being a modern city in the southern part of China and an international coastal resort, Xiamen boasts a great deal of hotels and accommodations. We have provided the list of hotels and accommodations in Xiamen. The detailed guide to hotels and accommodations in Xiamen with more information is as below. Please feel free to contact us if you plan to stay in Xiamen. We will help with bookings and reservation.

Xiamen Hotels 5 Star
  • The Sofitel Plaza
  • Code: CH1641
  • From: $105
  • Hotel Details - Sofitel Plaza Xiamen is a modern tower, overlooking and located in the spectacular city and sea views. It is ideally located in the hea...
Xiamen Hotels 4 Star
  • The Ramada Hotel
  • Code: CH1651
  • From: $75
  • Hotel Details - The Ramade Hotel Xiamen, a 4-star facility in the Xiamen Economic and Financial district is located near the beautiful Ruandang Lake, So...
Xiamen Hotels 3 Star
  • The Gold Coast Hotel
  • Code: CH1661
  • From: $65
  • Hotel Details - The Gold Coast Hotel is situated in the heart of the commercial area in Xiamen. The Gold Coast Hotel is close in proximity to the munici...

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