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Wutaishan Hotels are surounded by beautiful sceneries, and have a specil religious atmorsphere. Mt. Wutaishan (Five Terrace Mountain) is one of Buddhism's Four Sacred Mountains in China.Wutaishan in China has served as a Buddhist pilgrimage site for almost 2000 years. Following are budget Wutaishan Hotels,the guide to Wutaishan Hotels and accommodation provides a brief summary, discounted rates and reviews for Wutaishan Hotels and accommodation,and also offers an array of services to suit you of every budget. If you're interested in booking any of Wutaishan Hotels, feel free to contact us or make a reservation online, we'll help with the booking.

Wutaishan Hotels 5 Star
Wutaishan Hotels 4 Star
  • Wufeng Hotel
  • Code: CH2034
  • From: $USD80
  • Hotel Details - Wufeng Hotel, located in Wutaishan scenic area, is a nice 4 star hotel. It occupies an area of 16,8000 square meter, has 500 guest room ...
Wutaishan Hotels 3 Star
  • Huibinlou Hotel
  • Code: CH2037
  • From: $
  • Hotel Details - Huibinlou Hotel, located at the Mount Wutai Resort, renowned as the famous Buddahism spot, is a nice 3 star hotel in this area. It consi...

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