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Wolong Hotels are not only provide comfortable accommodation and thoughtful services, but also surrounded by beautiful sceneries. Within this area, the land level is much higher in the north than in the south. The Wolong District is part of the Changjiang River Basin, Sichuan Provice, China. Some hotels in Wolong are quite close to Wolong Panda Reserve. Staying there, you could have a closest distance with the most lovely animal giant panda. We sincerely provide a list of hotels and accommodations in Wolong with useful discount information as below. So if you want to reserve any hotels in Wolong, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will help you with the bookings and reservation.

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  • Wolong Hotel
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  • Hotel Details - The hotel located in the Wolong Panda Reserve and opened to the public in Apr. 2008. The hotel has 323 rooms with 37,000 square meters a...

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