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If you are looking for hotels in Tianjin, here is the right page which may meet your requirements. Tianjin is a port city near Beijing, the distance of which has been shortened to 30 minutes by high-speed train. As a city with history and culture, Tianjin has become a popular side-trip destination from the capital. Tianjin hotels vary in accomodations, facilities, locations, services as well as the prices. We sincerely list some of the best ones in each kind to meet all your needs, from deluxe 5 star to budget 3 star. There must be a hotel suits you with the best deals. Contact us for more information and discounts on Tianjin Hotels. Online booking and reservation service for hotels in Tianjin is available.

Tianjin Hotels 5 Star
  • Renaissance TEDA Hotel
  • Code: CH1441
  • From: $100
  • Hotel Details - The hotel is located in the heart of one of China's best managed economic development zones, TEDA (Tianjin Economic Technological Develo...
  • Teda International Hotel
  • Code: CH1442
  • From: $85
  • Hotel Details - The Hotel is equipped with a full-time kitchen staff, set to deliver top-of-the-line food to our guests. Has three restaurants as well ...
  • Ruiwan Jinjiang Hotel
  • Code: CH1443
  • From: $70
  • Hotel Details - Ruiwan Jinjing contains International Business Center, and is known as a fiver-star hotel dealing with international commerce, food and ...
Tianjin Hotels 4 Star
  • New World Astor Hotel
  • Code: CH1451
  • From: $70
  • Hotel Details - Astor hotel is a four-star hotel and history museum. The hotel is located on the Haihe River in Tianjin and has undergone for than a hu...
  • Tianjin Jinwan Hotel
  • Code: CH1421
  • From: $70
  • Hotel Details - The Tianjin Hotel is in the busiest commercial area of Nanjing Road. It has easy access to major traffic networks in the city and is sl...
Tianjin Hotels 3 Star
  • Tianjin First Hotel
  • Code: CH1461
  • From: $55
  • Hotel Details - The Tianjin First hotel was the first hotel in Tianjin, constructed in 1922. Contains the decoration and modern convenience that intern...
  • Imperial Palace Hotel
  • Code: CH1462
  • From: $55
  • Hotel Details - The Imperial Palace Hotel in Tianjin is the first boutique hotel. Constructed in 1923 by a British merchant it combines British and Ori...
  • Tianjin Friendship Hotel
  • Code: CH1463
  • From: $50
  • Hotel Details - Tianjin Friendship Hotel is rated as a three-star location, and is centered in the commercial and shopping areas of the city. Staff is ...

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