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Tanggu hotels have perfect locations in Tianjin,they're near the ocean with beautiful sceneries, and morden facilities.Tanggu is the center of Tianjin Binhai new area in China. The perfect geographical location endows Tanggu District with natural advantages and abundant resources. Tanggu also has been the ideal material for the marine chemical industries In China. The guide to Tanggu Hotels and accommodation below provides a brief summary, discounted rates and reviews for Tanggu Hotels and accommodation,and also offers an array of services to suit you of every budget. If you're interested in booking any of Tanggu Hotels, feel free to contact us or make a reservation online, we'll help with the booking.

Tanggu Hotels 5 Star
Tanggu Hotels 4 Star
  • Tanggu Juchuan Hotel
  • Code: CHT2054
  • From: $70
  • Hotel Details - Tanggu Juchuan Hotel, is one of the 4 star hotel in Tanggu City, located close to thepedestrian street and Hai River with the easy trans...
Tanggu Hotels 3 Star
  • Tanggu Shengli Hotel
  • Code: CH2057
  • From: $55
  • Hotel Details - Tanggu Shengli Hotel, the first 3 star hotel in Tanggu City, located close to the Foreign Market and the train station with the easy tra...

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