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Rongjiang, famous for its ethnic culture, has many hotels and accommodations in local area. Rongjiang is situated in Guizhou Province in southern part of China, located in the middle reaches of the Liujiang River and the Wing-ping, zhaihao River Interchange. The Rongjiang area is in the special economic zone, Shantou, which is currently a base for light industries. With the good geographical location and its unique culture, Rongjiang provides many hotels and accommodations ranging from budget 3 star hotels to luxurious 5 star hotels with high quality facilities for domestic and foreign guests. Welcome to view other columns for extensive guide to hotel and accommodation information related to Rongjiang. We've provided a brief introduction, ratings, discount information for hotels and accommodations in Rongjiang. Please contact us if you're interested in the stay in Rongjiang. We will help you book and reserve hotels and accommodations in discount.

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  • Biyun Hotel
  • Code: CH1178
  • From: $40
  • Hotel Details - Biyun Hotel is star-rate hotel that offers caters to the guests' various needs, including business meetings, social functions, or lavish...

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