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Kunming, as the capital of Yunnan Province, owns a great deal of hotels and accommodations from budget 3 star hotels to luxurious 5 star hotels. In ancient times, Kunming was an important gateway to the Silk Road conducting to Tibet, Sichuan, Myanmar and India. Besides, Kunming is nicknamed as the "city of eternal spring" for its rich verdure of trees and plants all the year round. Accordingly, Kunming gradually boasts lots of hotels and accommodations in different levels. If you want to have a different resort, embraced by wondrous mountains, flexural rivers and exuberant plants, why not choose Kunming? We have provided the list of hotels and accommodations in Kunming. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you plan to stay in Kunming for your vacation. We will provide the professional advice, rating, discount and other useful information and help with bookings and reservation.

Kunming Hotels 5 Star
  • Kai Wah Plaza International
  • Code: CH751
  • From: $90
  • Hotel Details - The first international 5-star hotel in Kunming, Kai Wah Plaza International is a perfect destination for both adventurous travelers and...
  • The Green Lake Hotel
  • Code: CH752
  • From: $125
  • Hotel Details - Conveniently situated near the city's cultural spots, government offices, and convention centers, the Green Lake Hotel offers guests fir...
  • The Bank Hotel
  • Code: CH753
  • From: $110
  • Hotel Details - Located at the intersection of Youth Road and Jin Bi Road near Pan Long River, the Bank Hotel, Yunnan is located in the city center of K...
Kunming Hotels 4 Star
  • The Weilong Hotel
  • Code: CH761
  • From: $65
  • Hotel Details - Great for business and leisure travelers alike, the Weilong Hotel's ideal location--just opposite the famous Golden Horse and Phoenix Me...
  • The Sakura Hotel
  • Code: CH762
  • From: $65
  • Hotel Details - Located in the heart of the city, Sakura Hotel offers guests the opportunity to experience the historical and culturallly rich Kunming w...
  • The Golden Dragon Hotel
  • Code: CH763
  • From: $68
  • Hotel Details - Situated in the heart of Kunming's business center, just adjacent to the International Trade Center and International Airport, and near ...
Kunming Hotels 3 Star
  • The Hydro Majestic Hotel
  • Code: CH791
  • From: $45
  • Hotel Details - A 3-star hotel located right in the bustling downtown area, conveniently near the airport and railway station, the Jintai Hotel spoils g...
  • Guanfang Hotel
  • Code: CH792
  • From: $50
  • Hotel Details - The Guanfang Hotel (Guanfang Dajiudian) is a three star hotel that boosts 142 well-furnished guest rooms, ranging from standard rooms to...
  • The Baoshan Hotel
  • Code: CH793
  • From: $50
  • Hotel Details - Opened in 1995, and completely renovated and refurnished in 1999, the Baoshan Hotel's perfect lcoation in the heart of Kunming, along wi...

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