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Gyangtse town, the fourth largest town in Tibet, features a few hotels and accommodations with its local style. Gyangtse is more than 13,000 feet above sea level and is Tibet's most important city and famous centre for Tibet's wool trade. Gyangtse town used to be an important stop on an ancient trade route connecting India with Central Tibet. Well know for making the best Tibetan carpets in the world which have over 600 years of history in this city, Gyangtse town is one of the famous sights both for travelers at home and abroad, thus hotels and accommodations in Gyangtse develop in leaps and bounds. Modern hotel facilities in Gyangtse are available nowadays. If you want to have a different resort, Gyangtse is a good choice. We have provided the list of hotels and accommodations in Gyangtse. Please feel free to contact us if you plan to stay in Gyangtse for vacation. We will provide the professional advice, rating, discount and other useful information and help with bookings and reservation.

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  • Gyangtse Hotel
  • Code: CH478
  • From: $50
  • Hotel Details - Gyangtse Hotel is located in the ancient Gyangtse city. It has 120 rooms of standard, deluxe and single, in both western and Tibetan sty...

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