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Want to reserve cheap Guilin hotels? Here is the right page for you. Deluxe hotels with good discounts, budget hotels with best deals, standard hotels with competitive rates… you can find the right hotels suit what you requires. Guilin is a city worth your visiting boasting  its natural scenery like Chinese paintings. Its stunning landscape and karst terrain make it a magic place attracting visitors from all over the world. A comfortable and budget accomodation will make your tour in Guilin a memorable one. Check the detailed information below and welcome to contact us to make a booking for the hotels in Guilin.

Guilin Hotels 5 Star
  • Sheraton Hotel Guilin
  • Code: CH421
  • From: $90
  • Hotel Details - The Sheraton Guilin is the first foreign owned 5-star hotel in Guangxi Province and it overlooks the Li River to the east and the Xangbi...
  • Guilin Waterfall Hotel
  • Code: CH422
  • From: $100
  • Hotel Details - The Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel, the largest, latest and best-equipped hotel in Guangxi, is presently being re-built on the former si...
  • The Royal Garden Hotel
  • Code: CH423
  • From: $75
  • Hotel Details - The Guilin Royal Garden Hotel is located on the banks of the Li River opposite the Fubo Diecai Mountains. The décor uses materials impor...
Guilin Hotels 4 Star
  • Guishan Hotel
  • Code: CH435
  • From: $75
  • Hotel Details - The Gui Shan 4-star Hotel is furnished in a traditional Chinese décor with a courtyard style design. It is located near Elephant Trunk H...
  • Guilin Bravo Hotel
  • Code: CH436
  • From: $75
  • Hotel Details - The Guilin Bravo Hotel is located on the banks of the picturesque Rong Lake in the historical part of Guilin. In addition to offering an...
  • Golden Dragon Airline Hotel
  • Code: CH437
  • From: $70
  • Hotel Details - The Golden Dragon Airline Grand Hotel is a new deluxe 4-star hotel. It is located 25 minutes from the airport and 1km from the train sta...
Guilin Hotels 3 Star
  • New Century Hotel
  • Code: CH461
  • From: $45
  • Hotel Details - The Guilin New Century Hotel is a 4-star hotel located on North Zhongshan Road. It was built according to international standards and is...
  • Golden Elephant Hotel
  • Code: CH462
  • From: $50
  • Hotel Details - The Golden Elephant Hotel is a 3-star hotel that was just recently renovated. It is located in the center of Guilin and is encompassed b...
  • Guilin Fubo Hotel
  • Code: 463
  • From: $55
  • Hotel Details - The 3-star Fubo Hotel is designed using traditional Chinese styles and sits on the bank of the Li River, next to Fubo Park, in the cente...

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