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The hotels in Fuzhou will be able to help you with arranging transportation around the city and organising tours. Fuzhou is located in the lower reaches of the Min River, the capital city of Fujian Province in China, Fuzhou in China is both a historic and a cultural city with an over two-thousand-year of history.Following are budget 3 star Fuzhou hotels to luxurious 5 star Fuzhou hotels, the guide to Fuzhou hotels and accommodation provides a brief summary, discounted rates and reviews for Fuzhou hotels and accommodation,and also offers an array of services to suit you of every budget. If you're interested in booking any of Fuzhou hotels, feel free to contact us or make a reservation online, we'll help with the booking.

Fuzhou Hotels 5 Star
  • Hot Spring Hotel
  • Code: Ch351
  • From: $70
  • Hotel Details - The Hot Spring Hotel is situated in downtown Fuzhou and has a 24-hour natural hot springs for your enjoyment as well as convenient trans...
Fuzhou Hotels 4 Star
  • Best Western Fortune Hotel
  • Code: CH356
  • From: $65
  • Hotel Details - The Best Western Fuzhou Fortune Hotel is located in the central business area of Fuzhou. Inside the hotel there are plenty of guest room...
Fuzhou Hotels 3 Star
  • New Zi Yang Hotel
  • Code: CH364
  • From: $55
  • Hotel Details - The New Zi Yang Hotel is located at the crossing of Chang Le Road and Fu Xin Road. It is a 17 story building with 200 guestrooms, a busi...

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